Ol’ Doris

Twist, shout and rock about

Ol’ Doris is a rock n roll band from Seattle, WA. Born the winter of 2009 in the basement of a punk house on 105th and Evanston. The band started as a three piece of Kyle Latham, Kevin McGraw and Ryan Serviss but soon had Shawn DeVault join after he recorded their first record. Doris has become a mainstay of the PNW music scene and has toured up and down the West Coast and some Mid West numerous times. The band has been prolific in their time releasing 3 full lengths, 2 eps and a full live show album with a new full length due in 2023 out on Moodkiller Records. Musically the band has grown together from a fast power pop punk to indie mid tempo rock n roll. Their live show is enthralling and energetic.